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Algon Organic Cleaner is a multi-purpose, outdoor cleaner developed to restore the natural colour of virtually any outdoor surface. Ideal for greenhouse cleaning, it will clean both the glass or greenhouse frame. You can also use it on paving slabs, decking and tarmac drives to restore the original colour. Use to clean your garden fence, shed or garden furniture.

Supplied as a concentrated solution, dilute one part Algon to three parts water.


Apply using a garden sprayer (on droplet setting), soft broom or paintbrush, covering the surface being cleaned as evenly as possible.

No scrubbing or rinsing is required, simply apply and walk away. Results will start to show within a few days as the applied surface begins to regain it’s natural colour.

Once cleaned surfaces should remain at their natural colour for up to 12 months (although this time can be affected by absorbency of the surface, location and weather conditions).

Supplied as a concentrate 2.5 litre.

Sufficient to clean up to 60 square metres (depending on the absorbency of the surface being cleaned).

Please Note: Algon should not be used to clean Marble, Unfinished Zinc and iron / steel surfaces. Although your lawn might be scorched if Algon comes in contact with it, there will be no permanent damage as roots are not affected.